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An application programming interface (API) specifies how some software components should interact with each others. All API calls consist of a "call name", called from now on "method", and multiple parameters.

Here we describe how any application could access and use the data that is stored in pCloud - how to add pCloud's functionallity in your own application.

The following interfaces are provided to access the pCloud API:

Important notes

Some parameters can be bundled with all methods and some are method specific. The parameters for all methods are called global parameters. The specific parameters could be seen in the methods definitions.

Note: Authentication is not required for all methods.

All files and folders can be accessed by either full path (discouraged) or a fileid/folderid.

When creating a file/folder using the id approach you need to pass parent folderid and name.

For access/deletion you need just folderid/fileid.

The root folder of every user always has folderid of 0.

Full paths always start with /. Trailing slashes MUST NOT be present.

Implementations MUST accept 64 bit numbers for all ids and especially when dealing with quotas and file sizes (that are in bytes).